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MyGame DB is a service designed to manager your collection of video games and consoles.

On which device can I use MyGameDB?

MGDB is available online and on the Android mobile app

What can I do with MGDB?

You can add games and consoles to your collection with various information such as the number of units you own, time spent on the game, game status as well as a mark for the game.

Can I interact with other members?

The Whishlist feature allows you to add a game you’d like to play and to get in touch through direct message with a current owner so you can make an exchange. This website is available in both French and English.

Who are we ?

Montoya Damien : founder, developer and designer

Bozonnet Lucas : co-founder and communication manager

Rigaut Benoît : italian translator (web and android)

Ghisalberti Sandra : spanish translator (web and android)

Da Silva Goncalves André : portuguese translator (web et android)

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You can contact us at :


Games : 111987

Platforms : 1114

Members : 1921

Visitors : 15034


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