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Did you know? You can create your wishlist by adding a game with the "whislist" status

You can add 111987 games to your collection on 1114 platforms.


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And specify various information such as content, region...


Add your games

And specify various information such as the number of copies, the purchase price...


Exchange your games

Thanks to the wishlist part, you will be notified as soon as a member has a game you are looking for!


Export your collection

In various formats, .pdf, .csv and .txt. Ideal for flea market!


Add friends

To see their latest games and consoles acquired


Scan your barcodes

If a barcode is not in the database, it will be added a soon as possible and the game directly added to your collection.

MyGameDB on Android

MyGameDB is now available on the Google Play Store. You can now manage faster your collection. Buying a premium account allows you to scan barcodes but also remove ads.


Moby Games

Thanks to MobyGames which allow us to use their database. This one allow us to get information about available games on the site.